O'Henry Pun Off 2005

You can see a lot more photos + information at www.PunPunPun.com.

Carol had to work at Celebration starting at 12 (she thought 2pm!). I rode my recumbent down to the pun off. Saw "the Duhons" + entourage and jawed awhile.

The Pun Off didn't really get started until nearly 1:30pm. I had plenty of time to get a sausage wrap, enter about 8 of the silent auction items, and buy 3 books from pile.

I located Laurie Poole and sat with her awhile. She was entrant #12. She went to the festivities the night before. That 1st photo is she.

Bert Piboin (sp?) was actively helping put the show on. His # was #23. I didn't know Bert to could sing! He did great.

Both Bert and Laurie scored 30 out of 40; not enough to be in the money, but enough to be encouraged.

Laurie persuaded me to give her a ride to Marble Falls to meet her sister on her way back home in Burnet. That's a long way, but Laurie said she was short on options. Well, I was on my bike so I made meeting arrangements for 5:30 and rode home to return in the car a couple hours later.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Pun Off still going. I actually won the auction for 2 lbs. of coffee and a mug, so I'm glad I showed up in time to collect without inconvenience.

The ride to Marble Falls was punctuated by a couple stops do to hunger and to the Fire Dept. blocking 35th over at Kerbey Lane. Laurie and I talked about a lot of things, most of which we had in common. Her sister didn't show up until 7:55pm. I waved goodbye and zoomed back through town, down to 71 and east homeward.

It was a fitting close for the day when I realized simultaneously that it was now 8:30pm (when I told Carol I would be back home), there was a gorgeous magenta cloud spread (thanks Mexico?) for a sunset AND I was adjacent to Rosie's Tamale House. I picked up a dozen hot tamales and... Carol forgave me for being late.

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