Ears, Eyes, and Feet

Russell Pinkston, Holly Williams - Co-Directors

A Concert of Dance, Video, and Electronic Music

B. Iden Payne Theater, Department of Theater and Dance
Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7, 8PM
Carol and I attended last year too.



Jack Stamps
Born slowly in San Antonio, Texas, Jack Stamps has spent a lifetime pursuing a variety of musical outlets. He has completed BM in Music Composition at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he studied with Drs. James Balentine and David Heuser. There, his pop and classical influences converged. He has received commissions from the UTSA Wind Ensemble, the Tosca String Quartet (
Inamoria), Clarinetist Stephanie Key (clarinetist with the San Antonio Symphony), and others. His music has been programmed for numerous festivals and conferences including the Society of Composers, Inc., LaTex, South Texas New Music Festival, and others. He was the recipient of the 2005 Reed Holmes Memorial Prize in Composistion, the 2005 UTSA Citation for Excellence in Computer Music, among others. He is currently studying composition with Russell Pinkston at the University of Texas at Austin and has completed two-thirds of a three act electro-acoustic opera.

Born in 1969 in San Antonio, Texas, Jack Stamps has pursued music since the day his parents claim he could sing the lyrics to "Hey Jude" before he could speak. Whatever. For nearly a decade, he was a songwriter in a local band and pursued a solo career thereafter.

This picture appears in full at music.utsa.edu/electron/group.htm.  

How Did I Get Here?
Text by Jack W. Stamps with assistance by Molly Fahrenschon

How did I get here?
How did it come to this?
Let's see.it started with a wonder of if it is there.
Then suddenly a foot in the ribs.this all looks like a series of blurry, weekly snapshots.

There's a curious feeling. I want her here. I think of it as if
I am picking her up at the bus station. I know she's there but I
Also have a curious sense of her not being 'here'.

  I'll drive slower.

Been reading a lot. Deciding on squatting. Pictures of ancient artifacts
Of women in that pose.using gravity to guide her..and all of my energy to
Paint a tempting bulls-eye on the earth.

Elation and terror at the same time.
Elation and terror at the same time.
Alone and with family.all at the same time.

What if she wants to see him?

Preps begin in the kitchen again.the smell in the air reminds
Me of something  a friend emailed me.."birthing smells like ham"

Considering names. I know a little girl named aria. What a lovely name. Aria.

Will I pick up my music studies again..?
high hopes and low blows.here I am.rolling silverware for 2.
do these feelings course through her veins as well?
Do I feel her singing....?

Inamoria, a meditation on romantic inconstancy that incorporates computer-generated voices reading lines of poetry. The one-movement piece was composed expressly for Tosca by Jack Stamps, a music student at UT at San Antonio. The premier was May 25, 2003 in San Antonio.

Garage band Pelon (taken from ThereminWorld 2002-01-01)
A pleasant blend of kon-tiki lounge, Poison reunion and motivational seminar, the live Pelon experience is filled with vibraphone and theremin stylings that mix tastefully with the guitar and vocal effects of songmaster Jack Stamps. John Navarro controls the Etherwave as Chuck Fischer revives the spirit of Martin Denny in an act that confers manhood on all who attend.

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