UT Austin Rube Goldberg Competition   2005-02-23

Held in ECT UTMaps - Section 4, way in the back.

Task: Remove both old batteries from a two-battery flashlight, install new batteries and turn the flashlight on in 20 or more steps.

IEEE Rube '05 Steps List

  1. Push lever
  2. Lever moves plunger.
  3. plunger pushed Ben Franklin
  4. Ben Franklin falls and hits ____
  5. ____ hits clock
  6. clock pulls string
  7. string pulls hammer
  8. hammer hits lever
  9. lever pushes tube
  10. tube hits platform
  11. platform dumps marble
  12. marble travels through plinko box
  13. marble goes down tube
  14. marble hits train
  1. train hits lever, lever pulls string
  2. string pulls lever
  3. lever hits train
  4. train hits weight
  5. weight pulls string
  6. string turns gearbox
  7. gearbox pulls string
  8. string pulls peg
  9. peg release weight
  10. weight pulls claw
  11. claw removes batteries
  12. new battery slide into place
  13. foil completes circuit
  14. light bulb turns on.

Mechanical Engineering's machine

Sorry I didn't get enough of this one to tell anything! Better luck next year.

Machine Specifications

Team Restrictions

Judging Criteria

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