Hill's Cafe

4700 S. Congress

Austin, TX 78745


Hill's marque
Its Mardi Gras once again. It is a tradition that Dave Shaw and the Wyches pick a pig out place for this lenten eve. It must be American food and over the years we've picked Hill's as quintessential for this category. They are open until 10 and take orders happily until 9:30pm which suits the situation: be as full as you can when lent begins... then   s t a r v e . This scheme has served Dave well (enough) for over 40 years.

Its hit or miss getting Geoffrey to attend, but we were successful as you can see. His big news is that he has been accepted for (re)employment at Datum starting next week. Anyway, we set out about 8:30, picking up Dave, then Geoffrey, then Carol. We placed our orders about 9:10.

We were really surprised at how crowded it was, and hence noisy. We got a booth which helped with blocking it out.

Carol's hamburger was so big that she quickly cut her losses and dispensed with the bun and later a good portion of the fries. Dave happily and quietly consumed everything in sight. I had the pork loin barbeque and it may be the most tender smoked such I've ever had. Our orders came so quickly that I ended up eating (most) things in reverse order: Barbeque, beer, salad. Then I "helped" Carol with her fries.

There was a mass exodus at 10. I asked somebody going by if there'd been an alarm or something. Nope. All those other folks were there as one gigantic party.

We were done about 10:20 and everyone was back home by about 11:30, pretty close to the predicted schedule. The big delay was the sad situation that Dave and Geoffrey indulged in a cigarette (or two) standing in the cooling night at the head of the car. Sadder still, my brother Bruce has taken up the habit once more after a two year's haitus in honor of his heart attack.

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