Bob Weathersby and Bobby Taylor (continued)

Sunday May 30 through Sunday June 13

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June 7, 2004 (or thereabouts)
[From Laura Taylor] Here are some pictures of what Bobby has been doing the past few days. He came back to Yorktown with James on Sunday, after his mother's birthday party, and will be here until Friday, when he will drive up to Austin for the weekend to visit with friends. Bobby will then come back to Yorktown, to return the car, and continue his War Games playing. James will take him to the San Antonio Airport on Wednesday to return to Seattle.

Visiting Yorktown were Folk Dancers from Poland. They will be performing at the Folklife Festival in San Antonio the next two weeks. They enjoyed refreshments and shopping at Coleto Creek Emporium, Gift Shop & Restaurant, owned by Laura & Jim Taylor. One of Bobby's favorite drinks. Pina Colada. The next favorite is Pacifico. His favorite food when he comes to visit is Tacos. We had them the first night he arrived here, and he has already requested them again on Thursday night before he leaves Friday to return to Austin for the weekend. He also likes Cajun Meatloaf. At the computer playing War Games. Bobby and James spend hours and hours, and then a few more hours ?playing?. The past few years they have progressed to playing these games on the computer. For years they would play the Board Game versions. Back then (in the old board game days) they complained of sore elbows from leaning over the game board, now they just complain that they both must wear glasses to see the monitor. In both cases, many a bottle of Pacifico or a cooling Pina Colada is consumed. Cheers!

June 11, 2004

The big BTaylor School reunion was held at the TriumphCafe on Spicewood Springs road. It has a very nice patio on its north side. Micky, Orfa and Bobby got there about 6:30 and secured a double table, the one nearest the creek that borders on the north. By the time Carol and I got our drinks and moved out back, behold! Bob Weathersby was also already there. I said I wasn't ordering any food until Jerry arrived which wouldn't be until 7. NOOO. Jerry saundered up before I got 2 sips out of that "33" Vietnamese beer.

We stayed at the cafe until they ran us out just after 10pm and then Jerry and Bob Weathersby kicked around in the parking lot for over another hour.

One promise we all hope to keep is joining Bob Weathersby some evening for a boat jaunt over to a "dock" restaurant for supper. For what its worth, Bob, Jerry, Micky, Orfa, Carol and I all signed on to the idea.

June 12, 2004
    Bobby was supposed to meet Carol and I for lunch before she went to work, but the modem grabbed the phone all by itself while I was outside working on cleaning up cars and Carol turned out to be too far from the cellphone to hear its desparate pleas for attention. By the time I saw email from Micky explaining all this it was too late for Carol, so off to work she went. I went over to Micky's and found Bobby supervising. All manner of vehicular means of travel have been failing for the Davis household. The Harley awaits its place in the fixit queue and now this pick up truck won't start... even with a new battery.
    We gave up on it and took my car to Fudd Rucker's for lunch, a normal Saturday noon meal outing for Micky and Orfa. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and toying with their parrot, Pepper, while waiting for an installation crew to put in a new dishwasher. 2:30 ended up 3:45 so we got to talk a lot. Once those guys got after it, I left. Bobby stayed.

June 13, 2004
GWyche: Bobby called in on his way out of town and headed over to Yorktown and lunch. Me? it was back to yard work. His last words were, "I'll be back at Christmas".

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