Bob Weathersby and Bobby Taylor (continued)

Thursday May 27 through Saturday May 29

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Back to May 25-26 or on to May 30 - June 13.. Thursday, May 27, 2004
    We headed south on I-20 from Pueblo, CO to Raton, NM, where we switched to US 87. we followed that to Hartley, TX and then (still on 87) east over to Dumas, TX.
Hartley, TX just inside the border.
Amarillo, TX
Prettier than ours!
(You can see the rain did arrive.)
There we turned south and, staying on 87, went to Amarillo, where we got on I-27 south to Lubbock. In Lubbock we apparently decided to sightsee. We drove past an early exit with several motels, then took the next exit, heading west. This turned out to be a some major freeway-type road, with no motels in sight. After a couple of miles, I got off and turned around, so now we are on the mystery road, which turned out to be the Slaton Highway, headed east. I had decided to go further south to stay, so I wanted to get back on I-27 South, but couldn't. I should have stayed on the access road, so my only choice at I-27 was to go north. So I got off at the first exit to turn around, and there we were back at the same set of motels we had passed up already. I said screw it, and we pulled into the Quality Inn. From the parking lot, I called the Motel Six, which was supposedly near by. They had no elevators, and no ground floor rooms. The Quality Inn had an elevator, so we took it.
us map
Almost taken for granted.
Lubbock. It wouldn't go by in a hurry...

Friday, May 28, 2004
    We left Lubbock and headed home! Of course, there is the easy way, and the hard way.
    We drove for half an hour, then stopped to buy ice. A guy was selling sausage wraps from a portable BBQ pit in the parking lot, and we decided to buy those for breakfast. Not bad at all.
    We went south from the motel for one exit, then got off and headed southeast, which is east, on US 84, which also happens to be the Slaton Highway. So we sort of lucked out the night before. We got off on 84 West without realizing it, we were just looking for a motel exit. Had I actually been able to get on I-27 South, we would have been all screwed up today, since we would have been south of the exit we needed, US 84 East. Got that?
    We took 84 East down to I-20 at Colorado City, then east to Abilene, where we were supposed to turn south again and stay on US 84 East. But the navigator, Taylor, was asleep, though not at the wheel, otherwise he would have been the pilot, not the navigator. And the pilot was busy trying to take pictures of the Abilene water tower, and drove right by the exit we wanted.
    As I neared the east side of Amarillo, I realized what had happened, by looking at the map and seeing the fork not taken on the west side. But we dithered. Eventually we agreed we were out of Amarillo, and had missed the turn. Part of the problem here is that we have different ideas about the navigator's job. Taylor thinks "Turn right when you get to X", given 40 miles early, is adequate. I say, if that were adequate, I wouldn't need no stinking navigator.
    Anyway, he found an alternate route. We stayed on I-20 until Baird, where we turned south on Texas 283.
    What a road! I'm glad we missed the turn. It is a two-lane road, with medium to non-existent shoulders, out through nowhere. No traffic. No houses. No reason for the highway patrol to be here. So I got to play. As soon as I got out of Baird, I hauled ass for the whole 40 miles to Coleman, where we rejoined US 84. I saw no cars going my way, and a half dozen or fewer going the other way. The slowest we went was about 75, when approaching on-coming traffic.
    When we got to Coleman, I was wide awake, instead of my normal sleepy 2 pm self. But by the time we got through Coleman, I was drowsy, so Taylor took over.
    We stayed on 84 along US 67 to Brownwood, then stayed on 84 along US 183 to Goldthwaite where they split, then we followed 183 into Cedar Park.
    We stopped for Mexican food at La Fiesta, in Cedar Park, Texas. After an excellent dinner, I drove us out to Lago Vista, and we spent the night at home!
The end is near.
The "farm" boys take turns.
Back in the shire.

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