Bob Weathersby and Bobby Taylor (continued)

Tuesday May 25 and Wednesday May 26

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
    Taylor decides he has had enough of road tripping. It seems it isn't as much fun as he recalls. Plus, he never gets much sleep at night, so he's always tired. So instead of having a leisurely trip, seeing sights and stopping at night for the occasional beer and music, he wants to dash back. Of course, dash is a relative term. I had planned on spending a couple of nights in Rapid City, doing Mt Rushmore, and a few other things, and sort of hanging out. But we decide to press on, with fewer stops, and a shorter trip.
Keystone, WY
Ol' Slim, the prospector
Mine building
Just what Bob always wanted.

    We leave Wall, SD, and head for Rapid City, and Wal-Mart. Picked up a few things, and off to Mt. Rushmore. I stopped in Keystone to see the Big Thunder Gold Mine. But the next tour was an hour off, so I took a few pics and we headed on. Passing through Keystone, I saw a taffy store, and had to stop and get some. For some reason, I had been craving taffy for about two days.
    We got to the Mt. Rushmore about 4:11 p.m., and were on the road at 5:10. It was neat, and I took some pictures, both with the digital camera and my SLR, but certainly not worth the trip by itself. Which is okay, because it wasn't the point of the trip.
4:11 in the afternoon
We made it.
Texas Pillar

    I drove the whole day, but I didn't mind. The roads were interesting around the mountains, and then we got out of South Dakota into Wyoming. Nice two-land road with wide shoulders, almost zero traffic, and mostly straight with a few hills. I cruised at 90, with a few forays to higher speeds when the road insisted. I attempted a speedo picture at about 105, but it didn't come out.
    Taylor, in his Navigator mode, had looked at the map and decided to spend the night in Muleshoe Junction, WY, or some such. It wasn't in the AAA guide book, but we figured they would have some kind of motel. Wrong again. Not only was there no motel, there was no Muleshoe. There was a T in the road, and a big parking area, but nothing else except a sign advertising a Holiday Inn Express, 103 miles away. So we went there, to Torrington, WY, and spent the night.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
    Wow! Taylor drove all day! All 311 miles of it. I read a boring story in Analog, and slept for that part that I wasn't dozing. (It's sort of funny. I have been reading Analog for years, and I always read every story. And I have always liked every story, at least a little. But in each of the last two issues there was a story that I felt was a stinker.)
    Well, it wasn't quite that bad, but it felt like it. I had some heavier-than-usual navigator duties to do:
Cool Tractors in Lusk, WY
Taylor driving.. note Tumbleweed
Colorado country living
Wednesday's pilot .. and ..

    We didn't get far today because the Steak and Ale stop took about 90 minutes, and we spent 1:15 visiting with my friend McNeil. Also, Taylor was driving so we stayed pretty much at or below the speed limit. &nbs; ;)   Note large truck blowing past us in one of the photos.
Wednesday's navigator.
Bob and Bob (McNeil)
Sheik Bob hiding from the sun
Pike's Peak Raceway Sign

us map     We spent the night in the Hampton Inn, in Pueblo, Colorado.
    Early to bed and ... no no, that's not how goes.












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