Bob Weathersby and Bobby Taylor (continued)

Sunday May 23 and Monday May 24

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The prominent "Emporia Tower" as we head out of town
Kansas City, MO
Sunday, May 23, 2004
    We got another early start out of Emporia, on the road at 12:00! We stopped in KC for lunch/breakfast at IHOP (Taylor's idea, he decided he wanted breakfast stuff). Of course, it was 1:30 on Sunday, and crowded inside and out, so we left. We ended up eating at a Long John Silver's in Kansas City, MO, after getting stuck in a huge construction zone, and jumping off the intended route and wandering around a bit.
    Then we headed north again. We stopped at a couple of rest areas, including one announced as "Last Rest Area in Missouri". We crossed into Iowa, and stopped at the Baymont Inn in Sioux City, Iowa.
Sioux City, Iowa
Northern Missouri sky.
All that weather in the news!
Cool building in Salem South Dakota
Taylor wanted to stay in and eat bologna. I wanted to go out, so I did. The guy on the front desk, who looked like he should be a bouncer or bartender in one, gave me directions to a topless bar. It was pretty dead. One of the girls working there gave me directions to a second one, which was also pretty dead. They seemed to think Sunday night deadness was normal. Helluva deal. Didn't stay long at either, but I wanted to sample the bars in Iowa.
    I would have been back to the motel by 11, except for the wandering around I did trying to get back onto the freeway heading south. It would have been easy, but the entrance corresponding to the exit I originally used was closed. After going a couple of miles north along the river, and passing a few riverboat casinos, I eventually got headed south. Then I couldn't find anyplace to eat (that was still open). I ended up at Wendy's. I went to Taylor's room and I ate, and he and I had a French Connection. Well, I did. He had a part of one.

Monday, May 24, 2004
    We headed north again. We kept looking for some place to eat, still looking for an IHOP for Taylor. Finally we got off at an exit for Salem, SD. Turns out this is several miles off the highway, and a tiny town, with no places to eat that we saw, except the Cookie Jar, sort of a local diner/ice cream place. They had dozens of cookie jars on shelves around the two rooms, and in display cases. There must have been more than one hundred of them! We had some not-very-good food, and counted ourselves lucky to get fed at all.
    It was raining on and off all day, with lots of clouds to the left, right, and front when we were going north. There were tornado warnings to the south and east, but I wasn't worried about it, because I thought we were far enough away not to sweat it. Taylor was a little concerned, of course!
Unfamiliar gas stop,
unfamiliar prices.
Not in Texas anymore.
This isn't speeding here in South Dakota
BIG teepee in these parts
Lewis and Clark (rain drenched) Memorial Bridge
rain, rain, rain. Heading for sunshine.

    We went to the Welcome Center near Chamberlain, SD. Lewis and Clark stopped there. It was rainy, cloudy, cool, and windy. I was wearing short, sandals, and a short-sleeved shirt, to which I added a hat and a blue jean jacked. Taylor had his full outfit, as usual, leather hat and coat, long pants and shit. And shoes and socks, of course.
    We got out and wandered around a bit, looking at this and that. There was river off behind the place, but it was sort of mist-shrouded so I didn't get any good pictures. The river was pretty wide, with a long railroad bridge straight out, and the highway off to the right. I was using my digital camera, but decided I needed the SLR. I went back to the car to get it, but naturally I had to change the battery before I could take a picture, and then about 4 shots later needed to change film. Taylor had had enough fun by this time and was back in the car.
    I took some more pictures outside, and a few inside. They had a sort of demo replica of a keelboat? I forget. But it was neat, and you could walk up in it, and out on a deck overlooking the river.
    With good weather, it would have been beautiful, in a normal sort of way. Although I don't think I captured the feeling on film, or chip, the weather made it better for me. I could have stood out in the rain and watched the river for a lot longer, with more appropriate clothing. I loved it. Taylor, not so much.
    I wanted Taylor to drive, so I would relax in the car in the rain, and probably sleep. I love to sleep in the car while riding in the rain. But he said he didn't feel good, from being in the cold, and besides, he just didn't want to drive in the rain, as he later admitted. Some (probably paraphrased) BS about "You [Weathersby] are much more experienced in this car and are therefore more likely to be able to handle an emergency situation in the rain". Yeah, like I'm not more experienced in my car in the dry?
    Not long after entering SD we turned west onto I-90. Now we could see good weather ahead. I took some pictures of beautiful sky, with dark clouds up high, and sunshine down below. They didn't come out like I wanted, though. I did get some good ones of the clear sky when we got further west.
    We stopped in Kadoka, SD. Didn't like the motel choices, so we went a few miles down the road to Wall, SD, and stayed in a Best Western. (They had one of those in Kadoka, but we sat in the car waffled a while, and then finally passed it up. The lady wasn't very friendly on the front desk, so I didn't really want to stay there, and contributed more than my share to the waffle.)
Killer (that's good) sky in South Dakota.
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