July 11, 2004 - Alley Results

Grande Communication group photo Approximately a dozen Grande Communications personnel plus about the same number of Hyde Park neighbors showed up July 10, Saturday morning at 8:30am under partly cloudy skies to clear our alleys of flora so City of Austin garbage pickup may continue unimpeded.

With tools supplied by the city and neighbors and with trucks manned by Grande Communications work proceded up and down alleys until noon. Here is a photo of the removed brush stacked along 4400 Ave. G across from the Shipe Park swimming pool. Click on it for a larger view.

brush pile at 44th & Ave. G

Glen Coleman saw that things were underway with Libby Malone of Grande Communications at the helm with owner Jerry James manning the flatbed truck. Then Glen headed off to West Texas.

We all gathered around, dealt out donuts, group photos, tools, maps and routes. After the photo shoot by Libby and our own co-President Pam Whittington, it was explained that the goal is to please Mr. Rhodes, head of the garbage pickup dept. at the City of Austin. We have enterpreted that to be "axe anything that will hit the personnel hanging off the trucks". To that end:

Neighbors dribbled in and more were showing up as everyone dispersed. We had Grande Communications start at the west end of Hyde Park and neighbors were parceled out starting from the east end, spread over Duval, H and G.

4 of us started down the alley between Ave. G and Ave. F. One couple started on 4200 block while Nick and I attacked 4300. We had saw, pruner, sythe, pruner saw, and rack + lots of water. Once a block was chopped we pulled the foliage to the end of the block to the edge of the alley.

What we failed to do was keep track of time. We didn't let up until it was 12:40pm. We headed back, but no one else was around.. just that huge pile of cuttings up off the curb you see above. Next time we will have to hand out notes about where to return tools and, hopefully, pickup tools loaned to the effort.

On Sunday, George Wyche went around with a score card for the alleys. He quickly points out that the scoring has NOTHING to say about effort put out nor relative improvement; it scores block by block against the goal quoted above.

score card for Hyde Park alleys

We also took the opportunity of availability of labor (thanks Sarah!) to tend to the traffic circles in Hyde Park. All of them look beautiful. There is concern from Carol Burton who has expressed dismay with the work done on the one at 42nd and Ave. G, so I took photos from all approach directions. I stood where the oncoming cars would be and only from 1 direction could I make out a vehicle on the other side. With the dense growth removed I'll bet leaves abound before August shows us her sun.

murdered circle

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