UT Rube Goldburg Competition

Subway     Jalapenos... hold the pickles.
#1 #2 #3
#1 The EE entry #2 The ME entry #3 The fraternity entry

jugglers     Scott, Steve and Charlotte.. Jugglers, VB players, ..sports.

As soon as I got home from work Carol and I set out for the Rube Goldburg Competition about 6:20 with directions supplied by Steve Wiswell. When they said setup was between 6 and 7, they meant it. The guy overseeing the competition told the people standing around that at 7:15 he would start the festivities, explain the rules, introduce the judges and begin the show.

Incredible as it may seem, Carol and I had found a parking place immediately is the parking lot against the east side of the ECT where the event was. With 35 minutes to wait around we went looking for food and passing up San Paio's, Posse East and Double Dave's, and settling on Subway as fastest. Carol told the guy "no cheese", but still had to stop him when he started lavishing the bread with goodies. With some trouble in translation I got the idea across that my preparer should put jalapenos everywhere pickles would go.

We got back a 7:17 and the first outfit had just made it 1st run. There were 3 entrants: The EE dept, the Mech dept and the engineering fraternity which sponsored the event. The pirate ship one (#1) was the most artistic... but didn't work; the Martian colony one (#2) had a really good verbal story to go with theirs... but didn't work; and the race car, stolid structure (#3) showed the most confidence... but didn't work!

We found out that "not working" is de rigueur for this event.

Scott, Steve and Charlotte said it was worth seeing all the curious contraptions devised to consume time by using gravity and stored mechanical energy.

Carol and I went from there to Eric's poolhall, joining up with Geoffrey and Shane. I was distracted by watching UT Women's basketball team (ranked #1 only the week before) struggle against Baylor eeking out a 73 to 72 victory at the end of the 2nd overtime period. Definitely thrilling to watch.

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