Tavern marquee

pickles casserole ribs

Dave Shaw, Carol and George celebrated Fat Tuesday at the Tavern this year for several reasons I won't go into. That's King Ranch Casserole that I had never heard of, but Carol had. Of note are those deep fried pickles.   different.   Carol's ribs were actually cooked at Hill's which is explained by Bob Cole owning both places. Good decision to use Hill's Cafe's vast cooking affair to replace the "food" I had been used to from back in the Sundance volleyball days. Not shown is Dave's chicken fried steak.

We agreed that the food was good, but the venue was   w a a a y   too noisy.

The biggest thing about this meeting was dispelling (a small part of) George's ignorance about Lent. Over the years I made jokes about Lent having 41 days in leap years. This year a quick, rule of thumb, calculation of when Easter was going to be... didn't add up! There appeared to be nearly 45 days between now and Easter Sunday! What?!

Carol and Dave patted me on the head and said Lent was terminated by Ash Wednesday, not Easter. Live and learn.

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