Tamari Cashew Dressing

dressing standing on end warming up dressing standing on end warmed up dressing with cashews near mouth dressing being poured

Picture 1: Take it out of the refrigerator and stand it on its end.
Picture 2: You know its ready to go when the cashews separate from the bottom and have...
Picture 3: settled to the bottom at the mouth of the bottle.
Picture 4: Only then can you successfully get "some nuts and some tamari". However, unless you master the technique of careful levering the bottom of the unscrewed cap to allow the nuts to move part way back into the bottle and some tamari slosh over the top, ushering a few cashew bits out, you will dump too much!

You should be able with a couple tries to get a reasonable amount of dressing onto your salad WITH a mixture of a few cashews in it.

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