Kid -n- Ewe Nov. 9, 2002

Carol at Lendrum Llama Mamas Margaret still spinning Eileen Margaret

Here are the Llama Mamas pictures from Kid n Ewe, November 11, 2002. We were spinning and weaving a shawl for the Fleece to Fashion contest, held that morning. We spun and plied the weft for a shawl, wove it, took it off, and finished it in the space of 4 hours - 9 am to 1 pm.

  1. Here I am, spinning on my Lendrum wheel and wearing my favorite sweater.
  2. Here's the whole team. We are well matched in height, you'll notice. That's not a requirement for the contest.
  3. Here's the whole gang, early in the process. Margaret is still spinning and hasn't started weaving yet. The loom is already warped.
    As is always the case, the Llama Mamas, were spinning llama - this one from a gorgeous beast from Margaret's herd. Margaret and Cindy have already spun the warp and warped the loom.
  4. This is Eileen, showing a handspun and knitted lace shawl she spun and knitted out of a fine brown llama.
  5. Here is Margaret, in the fine natural taupe shawl she designed and wove at the contest. We took third place.
  6. Here is a more general view of the show, with our team in the foreground, some kibitzers and another team behind us, and Tamara's son, sitting with her at his own wheel - but he didn't help in the contest because that would have been too many spinners.