Bastrop - Buescher Park ride 2001-06-23

Ferris Duhon, Frank Feuerbacher, Richard Gravois, Carol and George Wyche carted bikes to Bastrop State Park and set off for Buescher about 9:20am. After a rest in Buescher we biked back to the cars. We rested by eating at a great Mexican Food place near the intersection of 71 and 150 on the north side.

Ferris then went to join Ruta at a VB playday and the rest of us got deposited at the various homes and were done by 3:15pm about 1 1/2 hours later than was originally predicted.

Richard liked it well enough that we have planned to sometime soon take the hike and bike trail down from as north as it goes and all the way down around town lake.

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