Dublin, TX, June 7, 2001

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Carol and I visited Dr Pepper, TX (which Dublin was renamed to in honor of the 110 anniversary of the Dr Pepper bottling plant. Read further about the detail over at www.texascooking.com. Here is our photo essay to, at, and return.

As usual we got to bask in the broad vistas that are afforded Texans. It was pleasantly cloudy with wind giving us a cool time. A great vacation.

The day finished up meeting Geoffrey and friends at BB Rover's. We got to hear the 4 guys you see propose a consultancy in order to stay together. They are predicting an end to schoolpeople.com and were trying to see into the future. Geoffrey and Michelle described their versions of a party to Cozumel the previous weekend where Geoffrey picked up the nick name "Tortuga".

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